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Venue: The Meeting Place, Faraday Drive, Shenley Lodge, Milton Keynes, MK5 7DE.
Faraday drive is off Watling Street (V4), between Childs Way (H6) and Chaffron Way (H7).
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Phone: Hilaire MacCarthy (01280 813962) or Keith Ayling (01908 560620)

About us

Serene Reflection Meditation is part of the Soto Zen tradition of Buddhism. Buddhism is one of the oldest spiritual traditions, and today is practised all over the world, in the Far East and in Great Britain, Europe and America

Our group is affiliated to the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, a broader Zen Buddhist organization which includes a number of monasteries, smaller temples, priories and meditation groups in Europe and North America.

The Order was founded by the late Rev. Master Jiyu Kennett. The Milton Keynes group has connections with bothThrossel Hole Buddhist Abbey, a monastery and retreat centre situated in Northumberland, and Reading Buddhist Priory.