Meditation is a natural and straightforward activity that allows us to develop inner peace and awareness.

Our Buddhist meditation group, based in Milton Keynes, provides a place where ordinary men and women can meditate together and support each other in their efforts to understand what our life is and to live it wholeheartedly.

Serene Reflection Meditation means to sit still with an open mind, allowing thoughts and feelings to arise and pass without holding onto them or judging them.

In this way we can recover the sense of being fully alive in this moment and see more deeply who and what we are. From this our natural compassion, love and wisdom can express themselves in everything we do.

You are welcome to come to a meeting and see if the meditation is helpful to you. No one will try to convert you to any particular set of beliefs.

About us

Serene Reflection Meditation is part of the Soto Zen tradition of Buddhism.

Our group is affiliated to the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, a broader Zen Buddhist organization which includes a number of monasteries, smaller temples, priories and meditation groups in the UK, Europe and North America.

The Order was founded by the late Rev. Master Jiyu Kennett. The Milton Keynes group has connections with both Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey, a monastery and retreat centre situated in Northumberland, and Reading Buddhist Priory.